Holistic counselling

Successful Holistic Coaching & Counselling Skills
Workshop with Tereza Andjelic

Having 10years of Holistic Counselling and Holistic Life Coaching under her belt, Tereza is a wealth of knowledge that Life Balancing College is so grateful to have.

This one-day workshop you will learn effective holistic counselling/holistic coaching communication skills and techniques to use to build a strong therapeutic relationship with your clients.

Being able to effectively communicate is the core feature of a holistic counsellor’s/holistic coach’s role and it starts from the clients very first session. As the process of holistic counselling/holistic coaching hinges on successful communication between the holistic counsellor/holistic coach and client, it is important that you, understand what makes up the communication process and learn the most effective holistic methods for communication with your client.


Are you ready for a full day of role playing?

Saturday, 19th February 2022
9am till 3pm
Held in Menai – Sutherland Shire

Communication factors: –
Messages, meanings and symbols, Channels, Noise, Feedback, Context

Communication barriers: –
Environmental, Physical, Individual perception, Cultural issues, Language, Age, Disability & Emotions triggered by stress and trauma

Observation: –
Tone of voice, Regularity and pace of speech, Volume.
Movement and posture, Facial expressions, Silence.

Attending behaviour: –
Eye contact, Vocal qualities, Verbal, Body language.