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Self Empowerment with Life Balancing College

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Self Empowerment with Life Balancing College

I didn’t know what to expect from this course when I first started. I soon discovered this course is life changing. I was stuck in life, I was just going about my day to day routines, and feeling like a record on repeat. I was felt like I needed to do and be what people expected of me. This course made me take time out and think about all aspects of my life and narrow down what is true and real in my life right now. It has given me strength and realisation that I am good and I can be me and go for what I want, that is something I haven’t given any thought to in years. It has given me the confidence to think more positive and to believe I can do more in my life and in other people’s lives.

We each hold within ourselves the answers on what to do, but we must be in touch with ourselves and trust ourselves to initiate change. This course is so much more than learning about being a meditation or chair yoga teacher or holistic counsellor it has been a self-growth course in which something from each module resinated with me and I could apply the learning to life, family and friends. The knowledge I now have is invaluable. The friends I have met during the course, I know will be lifelong friends, and the support which this course gives you is second to none, I would not have been able to do this course without the support of Tereza and other students, we all brought something to this course that helped us all get through. Thank you, Tereza for offering a course with so much support.