Master Practitioner Holistic Counselling Training Course 

Master Practitioner Holistic
Counselling Training Course

Holistic Counselling

We provide the most comprehensive, industry recognized, evidence-based training courses, in the world, for …

Life Balancing Colleges training courses are delivered through a face-to-face training.

We are a IICT Approved Training Provider.

All of our courses are internationally industry recognised.

All course graduates are able to apply for professional insurance and join the following associations.

IICT Recognised certification:

(1) Meditation
(2) Holistic counselling skills for meditation teachers
(3) Meditation therapist
(4) Holistic Empowerment Coaching
(5) Holistic Counselling

(min 1,100 hours) 53 modules
Course duration: 2 1⁄2 years part time
Part-time 10 hours study per week x 110 weeks. Study break allowance (included in course durations) = 20 weeks
Full time 20 hours study per week x 55 weeks. Study break allowance (included in course durations) = 10 weeks

Price: 6000$

Our Training Courses are evidence-based and include referencing to scientific research, providing the student with a grounded, non-sectarian and extremely professional knowledge base.

All course materials are well researched and presented in a very practical, hands-on format, allowing students to explore and experiment with the information provided.

Each lecture includes several practical exercises and a submission form, where students are required to comment on, explain, discuss or answer questions relating to the particular lecture. This provides the course teacher with a good understanding of the students’ ability to understand and assimilate the course materials.

Many of the lectures include audio-visual presentations, Power-point presentations and other visual aids, along with e-books, to provide the widest possible teaching style for the full spectrum of learning styles.

The course is focused on educating professional Meditation teachers, Meditation therapists and holistic counsellors who are able to provide the highest quality service to their own students and clients. It, therefore, covers a wide range of topics, including an understanding of anatomy and physiology, humanistic psychology and holistic counselling practices as well as teaching skills, managing groups, running a small business, corporate stress management and a wide range of other important topics.

The student is required to read several independent books throughout the various courses, written by well-respected and highly qualified individuals.

The feedback on this course material from students has been excellent and includes comments about the learning being fun as well as informative; there being a profound opportunity for personal development as well as professional learning and confidence to work in the area of Meditation teaching and holistic wellbeing, gained through the high quality of the content of the course.

Master Practitioner in Holistic Counselling Training Course


This course will launch your career as a Holistic Counsellor and provide you with the opportunity to begin your own practice. As a triple qualification it equips you with an abundance of knowledge and skills in Holistic Counselling, Empowerement Coaching and Meditation Therapy.  

On completion of this course you will be able to guide your clients in understanding the integration of the mind, body, spirit and emotions as part of their healing journey. The goal of this course is to develop highly skilled Holistic Counsellors who will empower others to reach self-actualisation and an overall healthy wellbeing.


Unit One – 

Unit One is the study of “Meditation Teacher Training Course”,  “Advanced Meditation Teacher Training”, Practitioner of Empowerment Coaching Training Course”, Master Practitioner of Empowerment Coaching Training Course’.

Meditation Teaching Course level

Foundation of studies in meditation -Stress; Understanding Cause & Effect – Foundations of Human Happiness – Tools for Healing – Mediation Styles & Techniques – Teaching – Working with Specific Groups – Counselling & Coaching Skills – Running Classes & Workshops – Corporate & Community Settings – Small Business Management – Marketing; The Key to Success

Advance Meditation Teaching Training Course Level
  • Autonomic Nervous System Realignment Therapy
  • Mind Body Therapy
  • Advanced Holistic Counselling Skills
The Diploma in Meditation Therapy Level
  • Holistic Telephone Counselling 
  • Holistic Grief and Loss Counselling
  • Holistic Trauma and Abuse Counselling 
The Advanced Diploma in Meditation Therapy Level
  • Holistic Marriage and Relationship Counselling
  • Holistic Therapies for PTSD
  • Holistic Inner-Chilh Work

Journey of a Lifetime 



Unit Two – Holistic Counselling Skills 

This course delves deeper into the practicalities of holistic counselling. You will study communication skills (verbal and non-verbal), building counsellor/client relationships, relationship counselling, the holistic counselling process, mental and emotional wellbeing, counselling parents, counselling teenagers and releasing past trauma. This course also looks at the important ethical aspects of holistic counselling and will guide you in developing a completely professional practice.

Creating safe environments- Client Centred Therapy - Understanding Anger - Anger Management - The Polyvagal Theory - Ethics for holistic counsellors - Client Assessment - The Polyvagal Theory in Therapy: Engaging the Rhythm of
Regulation (Norton Series on Interpersonal Neurobiology)
by Deb A. Dana
Required Reading: Holistic Counselling – A New Vision for Mental Health by Dr Patricia Sherwood
Unit Three – Clinical Practice 

Students will take five volunteer clients through hour long counselling sessions each week for 10 weeks. Supervision and guidance will be provided via email to assist students with planning the facilitating the case study sessions.

Case study sessions maybe conducted in your own home, live via video conferencing (like zoom) or at a well-being centre in your local area.

Volunteers will complete a review and email this to the college after each session to provide feedback on the students counselling abilities.

Case studies exam

Write and submit an essay detailing the experiences gained through the case study sessions.

Unit Four – Case Studies Exam

Write and submit an essay detailing the experiences gained through the case study sessions.

Unit Five – Holistic Psychotherapy

8-week Research Project

  • Meditation as therapy
  • Introduction to holistic psychotherapy
  • Psychdynamic Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Dialectical Behaviour Therapy
  • Interpersonal Therapy
  • Thought Field Therapy
  • Rebirth-breathwork
  • Neuro Linguist Programming
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Emotional Freedom Techniques
  • Expressive Therapy
  • Grama and Role Play Therapy
  • Art Therapy
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)
Unit Six – Masters in Holistic Counselling Thesis

Research and write a Masters in Holistic Counselling Thesis

  • Develop ideas based on acquired knowledge and accumulated experience
  • Complete a mojor research project
  • Create a substantial piece of writing to demonstrate in-depth knowledge of selected topics







Holistic mentoring is the process employed to promote the personal growth of the mentee’s, first and foremost. The holistic mentor’s primary goal is to facilitate the positive development of the mentee’s leadership strengths, emotional intelligence, communication skills, and team.


A bit about Tereza and her journey to becoming one of Australia’s most influential Holistic Mental Health and Holistic Counsellor speaker plus Mentor.

Tereza prides herself on creating a warm, caring and safe environment for her clients. Tereza works with teens, adults, couples, people with disabilities, healthcare professionals and corporate clients in an approach that is truly holistic. 

Tereza’s work aligns mind, body, spirit and emotions by helping clients identify the emotional triggers for their anxiety, depression, grief, PTSD, trauma and addiction that is holding them back from life.

Tereza was drawn to the holistic world many years ago based on a powerfully transformative personal experience of working with a holistic counsellor. The holistic counselling enabled Tereza to see life in a different perspective and helped her secure a healthier lifestyle for her and her family.  Tereza now passionately helps others change their lives to overcome challenges and reach full potential.

Tereza has undertaken significant study since 2013 holding a Masters in Holistic Counselling and Meditation from the International Meditation Teacher Trainers Association (IMTTA).

Working with the mind, body, spirit and emotions is consistently achieving results for clients that are transformational, practical and sustainable. Client and Student testimonials often involve deep gratitude for the healing, flourishing, new life perspectives and coping tools learnt in their work with Tereza.

Tereza also travels frequently for her work, with a particular affinity for remote regional Australia where mental health and tools for coping are much needed. Tereza’s work is endorsed by several leading groups including:

  • Life Without Barriers (leading social purpose organization dedicated to changing lives for better) regularly refers foster care clients to Tereza.
  • Holistic Country Counselling (Regional NSW)
  • Yanco Agricultural High School (Regional NSW).

Tereza is currently the CEO of “Matters To Us”, a charity about “Suicide Awareness In Young Males” helping males with their emotions. The charity is registered under two subtypes:

  • Health Promotion Charity – Promote the Prevention or Control of Diseases in people
  • Advancing Health

How Tereza can help you!

Tereza can help creatives like you get clarity and go from where you are → where you want to be in career and life—with consistency, certainty, and about 80% more ease.

What will I get out of it? 

  • Clarify your goals
  • Focus your energy where it matters
  • Direct yourself toward a fulfilling, creative life
  • Leverage your unique strengths
  • Master your internal stopping points
  • Prioritize your time
  • Gain tools, skills, and support to consistently take action on what matters

Why do I have to study meditation to become a Holistic Therapist and Holistic Counsellor?

Holistic Therapy and Holistic counselling is a unique form of counselling, focused on the whole person. Using the principals of humanistic (or positive) psychology.

It is solution focused rather than problem focused and considers physiological and psychological disorders to be parts of the greater whole.

Holistic Therapists and Holistic Counsellors regard the mind, body and spirit as fundamentally interconnected.

Holistic Therapy and Holistic counselling is aimed at empowering a client to discover and access their own inner wisdom and healing capacity by providing support, guidance and resources like positive life skills, Meditation therapy, stress management skills, self-acceptance and communication skills,

which are developed through a range of activities and exercises.

The Holistic Therapist and Holistic Counsellor does not seek to analyse, categorize, judge or label their clients but endeavor’s to provide information that facilitates a client’s personal journey toward self-discovery and ultimately having the confidence, clarity, wisdom and resources to solve problems, overcome issues and achieve goals for themselves.

This is a human-centred therapy, where the therapist or counsellor becomes a support partner and resource provider rather than an authority on what is and what is not healthy, with the intention of assisting the client to reach their own life and health goals (which can be extremely diverse), in a safe and respectful environment.

Why do I need to study Meditation to become a qualified Holistic Therapist and Holistic Counsellor with the Life Balancing College and their courses?

The brain and the body’s response to stress can be paralyzing! When our clients are suffering from stress (which they usually will be) there is little anyone can do to assist them in finding better health, peace and happiness, until the stress and the effects of the stress on their physical and mental health has been addressed.

There are many wonderful therapies available that can truly bring about miraculous healing but while the client remains unable to manage the stress in their lives any healing will quickly be undone and illness will reappear.

When people learn how to connect with that part of themselves that is peaceful, calm and in control, they can reduce the effects of stress and trauma. When the mind is calm and peaceful, the body’s own (very powerful) healing ability is activated.

Meditation is scientifically proven to be the fastest and most effective way to reduce stress and to increase an individual’s capacity to manage stress. Over the past decade, many studies have shown how the regular practice of Meditation changes the chemical environment in the body and can repair damaged cells, reduce high blood pressure and much more.

Through the Mind Body Education training course at Life Balancing College, students will learn how to select the correct Meditation styles for their client’s individual learning style. They will also develop teaching skills and come to understand Meditation for the powerful, natural healing therapy it has long been known for and has now been clinically proven to be.

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