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Importance of Holistic Councelling

Cheerful student

Importance of Holistic Councelling

I feel by doing this course I have gained a thorough understanding of the many different meditation styles and how when incorporated into our daily lives, meditation really does heal the mind, body and spirit. I had always heard the term flight or fight and I now have an understanding of how being in this state for prolonged periods of time can damage our minds and bodies causing serious illness and disease.

I didn’t know what a holistic councellor was before doing this course, I have always wanted to do a councelling course to compliment my psychic/healing business as many clients are often fragmented emotionally and spiritually. They come for a reading to get the answers, when the answers are inside them, don’t get me wrong the Tarot and my connection to spirits messages are always clear. I now have a greater knowledge of human behaviour and an understanding of the layers needing to be peeled back to get to the core of a perceived problem. Enabling clients to open up and do the work of discovering their full potential and their authentic self.