Faculty & Staffs

Faculty & Staffs

Life Balancing College Instructors

Sam Murry

Sam is a Holistic Counsellor who provides professional, honest and non-judgmental support to all walks of life through one-on-one holistic counselling. 

She uses her rapport building skills and relaxed demeanour to create a bond with her clients and takes a pragmatic approach to each person’s situation. Her focus is on providing support and education to help create a healthy mind, body and soul; empowering clients to live a happy, healthy and fulfilling life. 

Sam is a certified Mental Health First Aider and has a background in corporate safety and wellness. A lover of coffee and travelling, you’ll often find Sam at her absolute happy place – the beach. 

Dom Macedone

Dom Macedone was born and raised in Griffith from an Italian migrant family who still has a hard-working attitude.
 I have chosen to teach this course because with that hard-working attitude comes pressure always to have this and be that and work until you’re unable to.
 While this is fine in a way, it doesn’t help with anyone’s mental health, and another reason I chose to teach this is that the majority of the suicide rate in the town is men, which needs to diminish significantly.
 As a massage therapist and holistic counsellor, I find that men are always the last to listen to their bodies or even ask for help or even talk, as it’s considered a sign of weakness.
 I started this course as it is currently a valuable component of my treatments, and I am prepared to teach this course to people of all walks of life, including men. Whether you use it professionally or not, it helps to understand the mind and body, what your spirit needs and desires, and bring back a sense of peace and calm in your life that you can use daily for the benefit of yourself and family members.
Dom has his Masters in Holistic Counselling.