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About Me


My name is Tereza Andjelic and I am the owner of “Life Balancing Clinic” and “Life Balancing College”.

Holistic counselling

I was born in the “inner west of Sydney” and then from the ages of 16 grew up in the “Sutherland Shire”.

I have 4 strong amazing boys, which have all finished their higher education and now are on their next journey of life in finding what they want to be doing as a career.

I have an amazing partner that is so supportive of me and my work as I am of him. His son has become and integral part of our family.

I started my career journey as a photographer, doing weddings. Then made my way into the retail world reaching levels of area manager and franchise trainer. I have never had a dull moment in my life.

I travelled in my early 20’s, which I recommend to all.

I was married for just under 10 years and 3 of my boys are from that relationship.

I opened “Life Balancing Clinic” just under 10 years ago and that’s where I started meditation classes and holistic counselling programs. My passion for holistic counselling become my main niche, the diversity of ages coming to see me was extraordinary, the youngest from 7 years old and the oldest about 75 years old.

With that came the exciting challengers with clients having Anxiety, Depression, Panic Attacks, ADD, ADHD, Low Self-Esteem and much more.

Helping clients out of Anxiety within 6 weeks and clients with Depression in about 12 weeks was, and still is one of the most joyful experiences in my life journey.

Clients would ask me how they could enter the world of becoming a meditation teacher and holistic counsellor. Knowing that I had something special and I could help clients to be their best self, this brought me along the path of opening ‘Life Balancing College”

Opening “Life Balancing College” was such a path for me that just needed to happen.

The College has a certified licence to teach the same qualification that I have in Holistic Counselling, becoming a Meditation Teacher and much more.

I so look forward to holding all these programs to help a growing number of people that want to explore the Holistic Approach to Healing themselves and others lives.

Life Balancing College is for all kinds of humans!

Life Balancing College is for anyone that is looking for something different than the norm!

Life Balancing College is all about the Holistic approach to life!


Life Balancing College is for all kinds of humans!


Our financial aid program makes Life Balancing College affordable for every student throughout the world.


An education at Life Balancing College has limitless possibilities. Our courses are taught by esteemed faculty members.

Inspiring Student Life

Our outdoor learning system creates more opportunities for learning with peers and professors from different backgrounds.